Thursday, July 28, 2011

TO BE filed, OR NOT TO BE filed....

A great mystery to me that I'm fear will never be solved in my lifetime is the existence of the "To Be Filed" file.  Who thought of such a file to begin with?  Does this file contain some secret I have yet to uncover that involes time being frozen?  If I'm not mistaken it takes the exact same amount of time to place something in the "To Be Filed" file as it does to place it in the file where is actually belongs.  I have yet to understand the feel of great accomplishment that coincides with having every piece of work waiting to be filed simply placed in the "To Be Filed file.  I suppose having your desk free of stacks of paper is a nice feeling, as they say "Out of sight, out of mind".  However, if you open your drawer and see that one file that is 4 inches thick, (although it's neatly labeled with one of those wonderful inventions I call sticky labels that says "To Be Filed"), well.....I hate to break it to you, but yeah, you still have work to do.

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