Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue.

Is it wrong that I find it amusing watching sales people get yelled at by their customers?  Is it wrong that I find it even more amusing watching them get into an argument with their own manager?  Is it wrong that even though I have a full supply of folders I only make available to others 3 at a time?  Is it wrong that I can't wait for the office to empty out everyday so I can work in the peace & quiet?  Is it wrong that even though it is not yet noon and I just finished painting my nails, I've already completed more work in these 4 hours than most do all day?   Is it wrong that I sometimes wear my headset and pretend I'm on the phone just to avoid talking to certain people?  Is it wrong that I make half as much as money yet do twice as much work as certain people?   Is it wrong that I have to ask people the same question 3 times before I get an answer?  Is it wrong that sometimes a week consists of nothing more but a countdown to Friday?

Friday, September 2, 2011

The trouble with being punctual is that there is no one there to appreciate it

More often than not I'm jealous of the sales people in my office that are pleasant at least 75% of the time.  I now see this is directly correlated with the fact that they only remember, retain, or accomplish about 25% of their job each day.  Coincidence? I think not.  It shouldn't really be a shock that the less actual work we do each day the happier we are.  It's not that these sales people are only selling 25% of what they should, it's that they only work at about 25%  of their potential. Making a sale is actually only one part of their job description.  Surprisingly, they are also suppose to correctly complete all the associated paperwork and artwork that goes along with each sale, and continue to look for more leads, among other things.  But it is much easier to play dumb, pretend to be busy, flat out disappear, or get their manager to do it for them.  This way, they still have plenty of time left over to get in a round of golf, or hit the big Macy's Holiday Weekend sale in the afternoon.  In the world of sales, freedom can be both a positive and a negative.  Maybe if I start picking and choosing which 25% of my job description I wanted to do each day and pawn the rest of on someone else I too would be in a much better mood everyday.  TGIF.