Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

I've been told I'm just as dysfunctional as sales people, but in a way that is more accepted by society.  I put my pen back in the same place whenever I'm not using it.  My tape dispenser and stapler have to be lined up exactly on either side of my computer monitor.  I can only use black plastic hangers in my closet at home and all of my shirts are hung according to sleeve length, then by color.  I have to press the lock button on my car at least three times before I believe it is actually locked.  I have to physically touch the lock on my front door before going to bed, even I can visibly see the lock is already in the horizontal locked position.  I don't have an "In Box" on my desk at work because I cannot handle a pile up on unfinished paperwork.  I have to wash every dish or utensil in my sink after dinner before I can relax for the evening.  I can't start a sudoku puzzle unless I can finish it in the same sitting.  I set my alarm clock and flip it on and off at least twice before I believe it is actually set. 

Sadly, these are just a few of my idiosyncrasies.  I often wonder how I make it thru each day without lashing out irrationally on someone for something as simple as leaving their dirty coffee mug in the sink.  It takes a whole 45 seconds to wash a coffee mug, yet most in my office are far to busy to do anything but place the mug in the sink.  In all honesty for some sad and disturbing reason I generally don't mind "cleaning up" after 20 sales people on a daily basis.  If I'm the one to wash or put things away that are left out I feel more at ease because I know everything is back in it's appropriate resting place.  I guess having that small amount of satisfaction can really make a huge difference in ones' day.  In my perfect world everyone would have the same idiosyncrasies as me and actually care that there are mugs in the sink or that their chair wasn't properly pushed in when they aren't sitting it but, I work with sales people so I have learned to let go of that dream.  Lesson learned, no matter where you work it is no doubt you will have some level of clashing personalities.  It's how you learn to deal with them that determines your level of sanity each day. 

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