Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Why is it the last hour of everyday feels the longest?  Why is it when you call a meeting, a third of the office is late to arrive but if you try and send them home early, they sit at their desk and pretend to be busy?  Why is it if you send an email in all caps that says "DO NOT PRINT", everyone automatically prints 5 copies?  Why is it if you put a sign in red letters that says "Insert Paper Face Down", everyone asks "Which way does the paper go?"  Why is it if you put a sign on the vending machine that says "Bill changer out of order" everyone attempts to insert a bill then comes to tell me it's not working?  Why is it when someone jams the copy machine, they sneak away then act apalled that someone would leave such a disaster?  Why is it when you label the only box on your desk "Outgoing Mail" everyone still asks where to put something they want to mail out?  Why is it when you respond to a question with "Give me a few minutes", they will sit and stare at you until those minutes have passed?  Why is it people think they will get a different answer by asking the same question just in a different way? 


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