Friday, July 22, 2011

And so it begins....

I'm not exactly sure why I'm venturing into the world of blogging, aside from being given this fabulous idea from a fellow patient in this nuthouse we call work, I also felt it would be a much needed break for myself on occasion from doing actual work.  In reality, I will most likely end up using it to "pretend" I am hard at work on yet another very important "time sensitive" project.  Just kidding.....or am I? 

I have to admit, I have never even read a blog before, so I am not really sure how these are suppose to unfold.  In these technologically advanced days, it seems as if everyone is posting something, about any and everything on some social network.  Whether or not it is actually of interest to others is neither here nor there, but as the saying goes, If you can't beat'em, join'em!  And, if you have ever had the "luxury" of working in a sales office or around sales people you would know first hand it can be one of the most interestingly comical and most dysfunctional places on earth, and therefore highly entertaining.

At this point, I am barely 3 hours into the day and so far nothing too exciting.  The majority of our Sales Force have been able to drag themselves in for one last day of this week, perhaps because it is payday and some still haven't grasped the concept of direct deposit, or at the very least to show their shinning faces to keep the "up aboves" happy.  To be almost halfway thru the day and still not have anyone who has cried or screamed at each other gives me hope this may turn out to be a halfway decent day.  Knock on wood.  The only dilemma at this juncture appears to be the usual email confusion.  Not a day can go by without at least one glorious email that is sent to 5 or more people where they all try to be the quickest with what they believe to be the most highly intellectual response.  Note to self, speed does not equal accuracy.  If only we could all take those 5 extra seconds to finish reading the entire email we could all be saved from the 42 additional questions and responses now generated.  But whatever would we do with an extra 2 hours of time each day? 

Well, I suppose I shall sign off for today to keep it short and sweet for the time being and attempt to go out on a good note.  I have to say, starting this blog may actually help me look forward to some more highly entertaining office antics so I have something interesting to write about.  I think ultimately putting it all into words will be the most challenging part of this adventure, waiting for more office drama unfold, well that's the easy part.

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