Monday, August 29, 2011

Live ammunition

Whoever decided that work weeks are 5 days and weekends are only 2 has serious issues. I should have figured out how great the day would be based off the drive in this morning.  Upon arriving to work I considered going to the CHP website to see if there was some new law that was passed over the weekend regarding the left/passing lane that I was not aware of.  I don't believe any car around me knew the purpose of the left hand lane because they all proceeded to drive exactly 65mph, never passing or moving from a lane once down the 32 mile stretch of freeway I drive everyday.  Thank god I am such an awesome singer (in my car) and could keep my self amused instead of coming down with a serious case of road rage.  However, once I arrived at work my day greatly improved.  I only had to make 2 pots of coffee before being able to get myself a mug.  Then the meeting lasted an extra 15 minutes so I was able to both balance my checkbook & answer emails from the weekend.  Big success there.  That then left me plenty of time to witness yet another meltdown/HR issue.  You know it's Monday in a sales office when there is medicine containers with objects other than medicine in them being carried around like it's show & tell and the person carrying it doesn't find it the least bit abnormal.   I think it's safe to say my day has nowhere to go but up right?  Wait, there's still an hour left so I think it's too soon to tell....

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